Call for Papers

The International Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (ASYNC) is the premier forum for researchers and Industry to present their latest insights and results in asynchronous VLSI computing. Asynchronous computations are at the heart of recent deep learning and neuromorphic designs and well-suited for distributed tasks in high-performance low-energy processing and communication.

The topics included but not limited to below:

  • Asynchronous pipelines, architectures, CPUs, and memories;
  • Asynchronous ultra-low power systems, energy harvesting and mixed-signal/analogue circuits and systems;
  • Asynchrony in emerging technologies, including bio, neural, nano, and quantum computing;
  • CAD tools for asynchronous design, synthesis, analysis, and optimization;
  • Formal methods for verification and performance/power analysis;
  • Test, security, fault tolerance, and radiation hard design;
  • Asynchronous variability-tolerant design, resilient design, and design for manufacturing;
  • Asynchronous design for neural networks and machine learning applications;
  • Circuit designs, case studies, comparisons, and applications;
  • Mixed-timed circuits, clock domain crossing, GALS systems, Network-on-Chip, and multi-chip interconnects;
  • Hardware implementations of asynchronous models and algorithms, asynchronous techniques in clocked designs, and elastic and latency-tolerant synchronous design;
  • Circuit designs, case studies, comparisons, and applications.

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